As in most stories, their comes a beginning and in my case my beginning starts with my name having been given by two loving parents. The name I am proud to call my own is Natasha. I have been fortunate to have been gifted with the passion for traveling by my parents as I grew up traveling overseas certainly more than domestically. My wonderful parents are from different countries, and as such I am sure directly influenced my interest in other countries. I have lived in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Austria which has made my growing up memorable due to the various environmental changes and difference in culture. I can remember what I was doing at five years old, whereas in comparison many of my friends do not have such a luxury.


I have a BSc in Events Management and a Master’s in Tourism, TEFL (Teaching English for Foreign Language Speakers) certified, and CWEP (Certified Wedding Planner). I speak Portuguese and Spanish, and conversational Japanese. I would love to make the Japanese fluent and learn even more languages, but one step at a time.

In addition to my parents, I have a younger sister, loving cousins, a wonderful grandmother, aunt, uncle, amazing best friends, a Collared Aracari (a type of toucan), named Hana, and a Golden Retriever named Shiro (in addition their is Luna, the Siberian Husky; however, she is not my direct pet).  I also have an amazing boyfriend that will be going on all my trips with me and exploring the world with me. As I mentioned before I lived in England and Austria, but I was older when I lived in England thus I think I have stronger memories from there. I find it fascinating that fate has put me with a man from England, and my sister has found her partner in crime in Austria. Again, one more proof that the environment truly does affect you, even in ways you do not originally think.

I am an incredibly fortunate person, whom has a loving and supportive network around me. As a direct result I am very happy to share the warmth and love that my family, and friends have given me with you. Please feel free to follow along on our adventures and see the wonder and warmth our world continues to share.




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