Shh…? Seals Secret Beach?

Recently I have had the opportunity to visit one of what I believe would be designated as a hidden gem of Cornwall. It is located near Hayle in a place called Godrevy, which is protected by the National Trust. In order to get to Godrevy, you have to drive through Hayle, and then through an adorable little village called Gwithian. (Fair warning: if you go during late Spring the cauliflower from the nearby fields will gift you with a special fragrance on your drive through). Once you pass through Gwithian you come to a farm on your right, and up ahead on the left is Godrevy. Godrevy has three locations to park, if you are not a National Trust member, it is £6 to park. My suggestion is to not park in the initial parking lot, but drive on through to the field at the end of the road (it can be a one way in certain points).

Once you arrive at the field the beach is just below in addition to the exposed rock cliffs, and the Godrevy lighthouse just across the car park out to sea. Now, while all those locations are beautiful and you will see plenty of people getting their ice cream and sitting by their caravans basking in the sun the real sight is just above the hill where the car park sits below. At the top of the hill lies a beach that is absolutely impossible for a human to get to, but not for seals! Humans can watch as seals interact, play, swim, sleep, and more on a beach that is undisturbed by humans. The seals breed on this beach, and as such they can almost always be seen there, but if you are lucky you will see them by the hundreds. The only thing you have to be careful of is not to make any loud noises as you could scare them away.

I got to go twice to Godrevy and the first time I managed to see a few, but the second time there were well over fifty seals. I think the difference was the second time I went it was low tide, and the sun was out with full force. After Adam and I went to see the seals we purchased ice cream and went to sit among the rocks on the beach where we could watch the waves crash among the cliffs, the surfers surf at nearby Gwithian beach, and the seagulls fly over Godrevy lighthouse. Godrevy is truly a well kept, quiet, fascinating location, and not too crowded with a very rare treat in the form of what I like to call a dog with flippers.

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