What Is The Traveling Button?

Travel is by far one of the most coveted and in demand elements of our time. People crave experiences and the idea of exploring somewhere new. Have you ever watched House Hunter’s International? Chances are you have, and chances are you found some episodes amazing and wished you could have an adventure like that. The truth is most people won’t, they wish they could, but they simply won’t. For some the obstacle will be money, for others courage, for others life has moved by and they have started working or have a family already, and those are all legitimate obstacles. However, much like most things you truly want in life, you have to really want it and work for it. At which point the easiest way I can explain is through the following: the only difficulty in traveling is having the courage to start, after that you find the courage you always knew you had.

I for one love to travel, I suppose you could say I caught the travel bug as a child. In part I have my parents to thank for that; because, I traveled more internationally than I ever did domestically. The beauty of the gift they gave me provided me with was the opportunity. The opportunity to meet new people, see different cultures, try authentic different foods, hear different languages, but also to see real poverty, struggle, mass pollution, and more than my domestic little bubble would show me. For a child the world is an amazing place, and there is no fear of people from different ethnicities, food is not questionable, and the opportunity to try different things becomes fun. As such I  grew up already knowing that the world was a bigger place, and it has left me with a  burning desire to see more, explore more, eat more, and experience more. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful boy friend whom is embarking on this journey with me, and while we are young and hold no commitments we are traveling from Europe to South America, South America to North America,  from North America to Central America, and from Central America to Oceania and beyond. If you are a travel button like me, come join me, and if you are not, if you have an obstacle in your way, much the same come join us as we travel around the world.